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300mL  per bottle (Glass bottles)

Pearl River Bridge Organic Soy Sauce


Pearl River Bridge brand Organic soy sauce maintains the distinctive fragrance, aroma, delicious taste, and rich nutrition of soy beans. It takes more than 100 days for PRB soy sauce fermentation process.is fermenting with traditional technique by selected organic soybean and wheat flour. Certified by USDA and ECO-CERT, natural and delicious, nourishing and healthy, tailored a better healthy life standard for you, suitable for marinating, dipping and frying.

Product Recipes


300mL per bottle (Glass bottles)


Water, Organic Soya bean, Salt, Organic Wheat, Organic sugar, Yeast extract

Pearl River Bridge Oyster Flavoured Sauce

Pearl River Bridge Rice Vinegar

Pearl River Bridge Vinegar Sweetened

Pearl River Bridge Sweet & Sour Sauce

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